The Doge Meme: We Need to Stop Celebrating Illiteracy


Wow. Such Rant. Very Opinionated.

For approximately 35 seconds, the Doge meme – I pronounce it the same way I pronounce the title of medieval and Renaissance-era Venetian leaders – was fairly amusing. Look, this cute dog has these simple thoughts! That’s hilarious!

Unforunately, unlike other flash-in-the-pan memes like those six-panel “what people think I do” contraptions for everyone’s profession, Bitstrips, or Draw Something, Doge pulled a herpes and decided to stay to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised to see some company use it in a Superbowl ad (MetroPCS, I’m looking in your direction.

We’re already collectively dumber thanks to the leaking of AOL IM shorthand into the mainstream thanks to text messaging (that it hasn’t stopped despite everyone and their mother – except mine – having a smartphone is sad), but we don’t need to compound the inability to finish words with the inability to form grammatically-correct sentences. It’s not even first-grade level, it’s…Ralph Wiggum.


I’d make a crack about someone using it as a pickup line or opening message on OkCupid, but that bar is so low, not even James Cameron can raise it. At least the people that make doge memes spell out the words; the same cannot be said of internet pickup artists.

I hereby put forward a motion that we stop celebrating illiteracy and put doge into the dustbin of Internet where it belongs, or at least bury it deep in some NSA server alongside everyone’s porn history. Who’s with me?

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